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Testimonials / Success Stories

Please accept this letter of appreciation for your consistent professionalism and your attention to details relative to my rental property. Before I hired Wasatch Front Property Management I tried three other firms in two years and all of them were a disappointment. I am extremely pleased with the service you have provided me and I look forward to a prosperous and long relationship.

Mano S.

Thank you Wasatch Front Property Management for easing the burden of this horrible real estate market. After completely remodeling a home to "flip" the real estate market took a dive. I had it listed with a Realtor for over 9 months before I decided to rent it to stop the bleeding. I was apprehensive because everything was brand new. But you eased my fears and found the perfect tenants for my property. Not only are they taking care of it but the financial burden of not selling has been lifted. Please accept my warmest compliments.

Chris W.

It is my pleasure to write about my experience working with Wasatch Front Property Management. When I moved to California, I relied on a property management company that did nothing to monitor the destruction of my home by tenants they placed there from the Internet without properly checking them out. I needed a reliable property manager to help me repair my rental property that was extensively destroyed by the tenants of the previous management company (broken windows, broken cabinets, soiled carpets, detached and hanging light fixtures, etc).

From my first encounter with Wasatch Front Property Management, who was referred to me by a Realtor in the area, I have found the company and its associates to be highly professional, very responsive and truly a joy to work with. Living so far away from my house makes it hard to feel connected. It gives me peace of mind to know that you are there to manage the property and deal with tenant and repair issues.

I was shocked when we were ready to rent the property after the repairs were complete and I got this email from Wasatch Front Property Management:

Hi Kym,
Sorry to say there were more lates than I anticipated on their credit report -- a lot more. I do know she was out of work for a few months and he just got back from overseas. Although they were very nice I say no way you should rent to them. I think we would be taking a big risk. They both have too short of time on the job and too much financial strain from the past lates and collections. My fear would be bankruptcy and then we would be in a really bad place since that would not allow us to evict them quickly. Let me know what you think?

I was simply not used to that kind of professionalism and tenant qualification. Before it seemed more of a "gut reaction" when deciding on tenants. Now it is based on facts!

I would highly recommend Wasatch Front Property Management to anyone in need of property management. My experience has been exceptional.

Kym M.

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