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About Us

Wasatch Front Property Management represents owners of rental properties throughout the Wasatch front. Our properties include; single family homes whose owners deferred to sell them until the real estate market rebounds, multi-unit dwellings of real estate investors, large Homeowners Associations (HOA) and luxurious vacation rentals.

We started as a group of investment property owners who were tired of inactive, passive and negligent property management. Our rapid growth is due to consistently higher rental returns, clear and honest owner communication, professional maintenance, and asset value growth of each property we represent.

The owners of Wasatch Front Property Management have over 35 years experience in real estate services. We know real estate. We know how to increase the value of your asset and how to manage all of its aspects.

Our commitment to every owner is:
  • Treat properties like we own them
  • Communicate with tenants to provide a quality experience
  • Encourage tenants to report minor issues before they become major problems
  • Maximize rental rates by monitoring rents and increasing them, when necessary
  • Make ourselves available 24/7
  • Offer high levels of integrity and customer service
  • Increase real estate asset values

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